About Brisbane Martial Arts Expo

The Brisbane Martial Arts Expo is a wonderful opportunity to participate in workshops & classes hosted by some of the country’s most experienced teachers.  The Brisbane Martial Art Expo includes two large training areas with back to back Martial Art workshops and also a separate area hosting Martial Arts demonstrations through out the day.  Exhibitor stalls for Martial Arts schools and associated industries are also included.

Expo Participants

Aims and ideals of the Brisbane Martial Arts Expo

* To provide the opportunity for participants to experience first hand a range of Martial Arts styles

* To promote the positive benefits of training in the Martial Arts to the community

* To serve as a vehicle to inform participants of the different Martial Arts schools and systems available

* To cultivate the spirit of respect & goodwill between Martial Art disciplines and its practitioners

* To create an enjoyable day of training in the Martial Arts with like minded individuals

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