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Brisbane Martial Arts Expo – workshops and demonstrations

All workshops at Martial Arts Expo are a maximum of 45 minutes.  Participants are welcome to either observe or participate in the workshops.  Please note: not all workshops are suitable for children, please see workshop descriptions.

Martial Arts Expo 2013 Workshops & Demonstrations

(in alphabetical order)

 WingTsun (WT) Brisbane – Jürgen Baha

Jürgen Baha is the owner of WingTsun (WT) Brisbane, located in Brisbane.  From there he also operates his independent group & personal training studio, The Fitness Bunker, with a strong focus on Kettlebell training.  After several years of Taekwondo and an introduction into western boxing, Jürgen began his WT journey when he joined one of SiFu Stefan Fischer’s schools in Germany in 1995.  He also studied WT and its BlitzDefence concept for several years at the European WingTsun Instructor Academy (EWTO), before he migrated to Australia in 2003.   Jürgen currently holds a 2nd technician level in WT and is one of Master Fischer’s, longest and most advanced students.

 Expo Workshop

WingTsun Brisbane will introduce you into BlitzDefence, a self-defence concept for both men and women.  It gives you a strategy with which to recognise and defuse dangerous situations at an early stage.  To do this you use specific conflict-resolving tactics in attempting to avoid a physical confrontation.  Only if the aggressor cannot be dissuaded do you employ fighting techniques, without showy or complicated movements, to put him out of action.  These techniques are based on WingTsun, which was developed by a woman more than 250 years ago for defence against male attackers.

Abner Cabrera – Systema
Russian Martial Arts – Systema – Under Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko. Abner has studied Muay Thai, Kali, Wing Chun 2yrs (Ip Ching, Ip Chung, & Samual Kwa lineage) and Systema for 4yrs. He started his Club in September last year after previously teaching in parks and fields. He now teaches in  Woolloongabba at the Russian Club of Brisbane.

Expo demonstration  – info coming soon

Stuart Campbell – Haidong Gumdo Australia

Master Campbell is a 5th Dan Master & Vice President of Haidong Gumdo Australia.  Master Campbell was the former National Technical Director of Haidong Gumdo Australia and is a National and International Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist coach.  Master Campbell is Chief Instructor and owner of Mudo Martial Arts has clubs in Springfield Lakes, Ormeau, Bundall, Terranora, Melbourne and Bendigo.  Mudo Martial Arts has been running for 7 years and has students ranging in age from 3 to 70.  The club offers both Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo for varying age groups and capabilities.  Haidong Gumdo is a modern Martial Art based on a history of 2000 years of sword technique.  This dynamic and Graceful Martial Art, combines and synchronises dynamic movement and the body’s natural breathing patterns to awaken the warriors spirit in participants from all ages and abilities.  One of the fastest growing Martial Art styles in the world today, it is practiced in more than 50 countries by more than 1.3 million practitioners. Campbell Kwanjangnim would like to encourage all who are looking for a traditional based Martial Art with a modern curriculum and training methods, who are looking for discipline, respect, health and well being, to come and join him in the way of the sword!

Expo Workshop

The class will consist of all the basics of Haidong Gumdo which is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning the way of the sword.

Knight FightJoshua Cavalchini

Joshua Cavalchini is Chief Instructor and co-creator of the curriculum, with his brother Kit.  Having participated in historical reenactment since 1994, Joshua saw the rise of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in Australia. However, the brothers took a different approach in developing a modern sports martial art influenced by early period western battlefield combat and incorporating current knowledge in the areas of physics, anatomy, bio-mechanics, conflict psychology etc.  The style follows a scientific rationale based methodology to explore how the body works, with a focus on mass combat situations with sword and shield. Knight Fight instructors were the official medieval combat consultants on the computer game Medieval II: Total War.  Regular classes at MacGregor

Expo Workshop 

Equilibrium – The Science of Standing.  Suitable for ages 16 and over, will involve contact sparring with supplied padded equipment. The class will be a fast overview of a section of our curriculum concerned with controlling stability and balance, and investigating how compromise and advantage theory relates to controlling the body’s equilibrium when moving.

Stick Fighting – Chris Clayton

Over the last 32 years I have studied two systems Go Ju and further down the track the Filipino Elusive Warrior system, otherwise known as the F.E.W. Our Grand Master is none other than Hanshi Tino Ceberano who is highly respected and well known in 48 countries around the world. Hanshi Tino is our Pangulong Guro (Founding master) and has trained with many of the great masters from various styles, from the Filipino Martial Arts he learnt from his late father and the late GM Remy Presas. It is a great privilege to represent the FEW at this expo.

Expo Workshop 

General introduction to Filipino Martial arts. Suitable for all ranks and experience levels. We will be covering Single Stick, and empty hand drills (Pina Tukan). We will also have some Brisbane Based Filipino Martial Arts instructors present during the workshop for those who wish to enquire about training in FMA in the Brisbane area. 

Gym Cartel

I’ve been competing in sport since I was 7 years old, but I started training people to improve their physiques and fitness specifically in the last summer of 2005. I had done Martial Arts for years and started coaching groups and one-on-one kickboxing lessons with MMA fighters in 2000. I had lots of jobs but I had never been happy in anything I did, so when I started personal training, it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life – I’ve never been happier, and so far things have been going really well.

Expo demonstration:

Strength & conditioning for Martial Arts.

Master Eduardo Dias  – Garra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Eduardo is the founder and Chief instructor of Garra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Brisbane. Prof. Eduardo is a 2nd Degree Brazilian Black Belt with over 20 years experience and originates from the famous Rolls Gracie lineage. Garra is a traditional full time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy with over 4 locations in Brisbane.  Prof. Eduardo has had the pleasure of passing on his wealth of experience and knowledge to the Army and Football clubs. Prof. Eduardos’ academy has the perfect mix of adults and kids of all ages training for the BJJ lifestyle. Brazlilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, a sport and self defence system. Often referred to as the “gentle art” as it promotes the principle of immobilization and leverage. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses a variety of submissions, chokes and locks to subdue their opponent. These skills, techniques and leverage when executed encourages the use of the opponent’s strength and momentum rather than brute force to defeat an opponent. This means that an opponent’s size and strength are not a factor. This gives males and females an even playing field where size and strength can be easily overcome with technical ability and skill.

Expo Workshop
The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class will highlight:

  • Self defence for women and men.
  • The importance of anti bullying techniques for kids
  • Simple locks and escapes to meet an opponent

Brett Fenton – Red Dragon Martial Arts

The school has been open since 1997 and currently has over 500 students ranging from 3 years up.  We are a traditional Martial Arts school originally training in Wing Chun, Jow Ga Kung Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi. Over the past 10 years we have added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Extreme Martial Arts, Fitness Programs and Tricking. Red Dragons demo team performs all over Australia and is very successful at Tournaments. They will compete at the US Open in July this year in Orlando Florida.

Expo Demonstration – Red Dragon will have its demo team performing and promoting Extreme Martial Arts and Tricking at the expo

Kamiizumi Gousen – Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu Noda-ha Heiho

A Classical Japanese Koryu of Kenjutsu that systematically and traditionally stems from the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu of Chiba –ken Japan that was founded in the year 1447 C.E. by Soke Iizasa Iga no Kami Choisai Izanao at the venerable age of 60 years. The Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu has maintained a tradition that continues to survive unaltered for over 20 generations and is credited by the Japanese Government as being Japan’s oldest Martial tradition. Asserting the most comprehensive curriculum still in existence, the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu has subsisted since ancient times, deriving its origination from the Japanese Shinto religion, founding its birth place at the Imperial Grand Shrine of Katori Dai-Jingu of Sawara City.

Sensei Glen Henry – Jodo and Kenjutsu

Sensei Glen Henry began training in 1971 whilst a member of the Royal Australian Air Force. During his Martial Arts career he has studied a number of styles including Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kyokushinkai Karate, Goju Ryu Karate, Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo, Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu and holds various Dan rankings and Instructor Licenses (Mokuroku) in these arts. He returned to Brisbane in 1989 teaching at various dojos until formally establishing REMBUDEN in 1998, and building the current dojo at Warner in 2004.

Expo Demonstration – Demonstrations only of Jodo, and Kenjutsu

David Hewitt & Will Nash – Tong Ren Chi Gung

Will Nash and David Hewitt will be representing the Tong Ren School’s complete gung system of Wei gung, Chi gung, Nei gung, and Shen gung. Will and David are trained with unique insights to teach other martial artists how these simple foundational skills, and can take any martial artist deeper and further in their own martial system.

Expo Workshop

In this demonstration we will introduce the audience to foundational leg training, both static and movement exercises, gathered and improved by Master Tong-Ren to strengthen the muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and joints of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Johannes Kunz – Silat

Johannes has been a passionate Silat practitioner and teacher for many years and has gathered his experience from various training trips to Indonesia and through the European Silat network. He has just moved from Austria to Brisbane and is about to start teaching Silat Anak Harimau in Australia. The style Anak Harimau, which means “Tiger cub” or “young tiger”, is mainly influenced by the traditional silat styles of West Sumatra and combines traditional fighting techniques and weaponry with realistic self-defense training.

Expo Demonstration

In the performance some Anak Harimau sequences with and without traditional weapons will be demonstrated.

Todd Lawler – Wrestling Queensland

Wrestling is among the world’s oldest forms of organised competition and martial art and is one of the few sports to have taken place in both the ancient and modern Olympics. The sport of wrestling involves two participants trying to exert their will onto their opponent using throws, takedowns, clinching and ground wrestling techniques. Matches are contested over three bouts, points awarded for superior positioning and control and instant victory coming by way of pin.

Expo Workshop

Wrestling Queensland will be offering a hands-on class to all those who wish to get an appreciation for the sport through learning some fundamental wrestling techniques in both the standing and ground positions. Attendees school aged and older are invited to participate in the session which will have some light non-resistive practice with a partner.

Jason Lonergan – Military Combat Arts

Head Instructor Jason Lonergan began his training in the combat arts by studying boxing at the Nyngan Community center in 1983. After relocating to Redcliffe Brisbane not long after, Jason continued with Amateur boxing moving into a short stint of Kick boxing, before commencing his Yee Chuan training in 1985 with Sibak Jonathan Murphy.  Achieving the rank or 4th Degree black Belt while accumulating over 2500 hours of teaching in the process.  This has lead to a life long love of all combat arts and the constant pursuit of knowledge. Jason has a very simple mindset, There is always more to learn. “If a martial artist is willing to let go of ego they will always remain teachable, nothing blocks knowledge more than the belief you already have it.” With this mindset Jason has commenced studying with Shane Cassidy to become a certified MILITARY COMBATIVES instructor. He is also on the way to becoming a TACTICAL KRAV MAGA instructor with Carl Halley at TKM AUSTRALIA.

Expo Workshop

The Military has always had a no-nonsense approach to combat, once a soldier is engaged in hand to hand combat, their life literally depends on the outcome. Street Defense can often be the same. Although we have a very strict non-violence policy, sometimes when backed into a corner we have no other option. Once all other avenues have been exhausted it is time to protect yourself and those around you. This is where we excel, creating combat ready Martial Artists. The class will be an introduction To Military Combat Arts. Teaching foundational principles with a strict adherence to the force continuum, there is no sense in winning the fight, then losing the court case.

Sifu Peter Natalier – Brisbane Kung Fu

Sifu Peter demonstrated his abilities early on with success in tournaments, culminating in a second place at the NAS National Titles for an outstanding display in the forms division. He has also achieved multiple awards at a state level and numerous regional trophies. Sifu Peter has recently been competing in the Open Blackbelt divisions where he has been in strong contention. He has represented the school from local to international levels. In 2007, Sifu Peter completed his Level 1 Coaching Certificate as part of his MAIA Accreditation and also began studying a Natural Therapies Certificate course which includes Traditional Chinese Massage. He hopes in the future to follow a similar journey to Master Lee by combining these skills and assisting persons with any health concerns.

Expo Workshop

Practical applications of “Flowery Fists and Embroidery Kicks” Kung Fu is sometimes criticised for being too fancy or flowery in it’s techniques. This workshop will look at common postures, stances and shapes and examine why and how they are used. We will take a sample of Shaolin techniques including qin na (joint locks) basic strikes, takedowns, and a variety of kicks. Working with a partner we will look at how they work. This workshop will be tailored for all skill levels and ages.

Joe Saunders – Sumo

Joe Saunders is the Head Coach of the Northern Lions Sumo & Traditional Wrestling Club, the President of Belt Wrestling Australia and Sports Development Officer of the Australian Sumo Federation. As an athlete he has represented Australia in Judo (2005), Belt Wrestling (2012) and most notably Sumo (2009-Current) where he has won six international medals. Competing across the middleweight, heavyweight, open weight and teams categories at the national and international levels of Sumo, Joe’s bouts became a favourite with spectators due to his use of spectacular judo throws and wrestling suplexes. Joe’s training background includes a variety of grappling styles; including Judo, Sumo, Sambo, Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Catch-as-Catch-Can and Brazilian Jiujitsu; as well as various other traditional and non-traditional self-defence and martial arts systems.  His passion is the propagation of wrestling styles and endeavouring to create a modern wrestling culture amongst Australian youth.

Expo Workshop 

This 45 minute session will include a traditional Sumo warm up, an examination of Sumo’s famous palm striking (tsuppari) technique as well as a simple sumo throw commonly used in both amateur and professional bouts that will prove of use to anyone wanting to learn takedown techniques. There will also be time for questions and answers at the end of the session.

Sifu Guy Sue-Tin – Australian School of Kung Fu & Tai Chi

The Australian School of Kung Fu & Tai Chi teaches kung fu  based on Chow Gar Tong Long (Southern Praying Mantis), a range of Chow Gar Tong Long weaponry & Yang style tai chi including chi gung exercises, push hands and a range of tai chi weapons. The school’s main focus is on practical self-defence applicable to modern situations. The school’s Principal, Sifu Guy Sue-Tin, has over 40 years of experience. The school was founded in 1977 by Sifu Dennis Sue-Tin and Sifu Guy Sue-Tin. All instructors have over 10 years of experience in the school and have been personally tutored by Sifu Guy Sue-Tin.

Expo Workshop

The Australian School of Kung Fu & Tai Chi will provide a 45 minute practical lesson of the Tong Long Walking Stick. A mobility aid to the untrained eye, the walking stick is an easy to use weapon with devastating results for unsuspecting assailants.

Boxing technique pad work class – Tiger Singh

From his many years of experience, ex professional boxer Tiger Singh  will teach a ‘Boxing Technique’ & ‘pad work’ class at the Expo.

Tim Uljarevic – Krav Maga

Tim is the Director and Chief Instructor for the Krav Maga Training Academy. He has been training in Krav Maga since it first started in Australia, and is in his 9th year as a Krav Maga instructor. Recently appointed as the Director for the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) in Qld, Tim runs the largest Krav Maga school in the Southern Hemisphere with over 250 currently-training students. Ranked at Expert Level 2 (E2) Tim is the highest ranked Krav Maga instructor in Qld, and the highest ranked IKMF instructor in Asia-Pacific. Having trained thousands of people from all over Australia and internationally, including children and adults, through to government agencies, and police/military tactical units, you are guaranteed a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet you at whatever level of need you have.

Expo Workshop
In this intensive Krav Maga workshop you will be introduced to principals and concepts of surviving realistic knife attacks and threats, plus how to deal with multiple attackers. Discover how our body’s natural reactions are already the basis of what we need to defend and protect ourselves against the rising incidents of knife crime. You will learn ways to initially prevent attacks, learn how to use our reactions to increase our chances of survival, and learn how to stop a committed attacker. Coupled with basic principles of dealing with multiple-attackers, this becomes an intense workshop you won’t want to miss!

Tanya Zappala – Stretch and Strength for Martial Arts .

Teaching Yoga since 2004, & with 5 years Martial Arts training, Tanya brings together her experience to create a class that is suitable for all levels of flexibility. Tanya directs Clayfield Yoga Studio & offers ongoing classes and one-on-one private tuition.

Expo Workshop

Join Tanya Zappala for a 45 minute class focusing on opening the shoulder and hips for peak performance.  No experience is needed for the class and it is open to all ages.

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